Gaurav Bhatia Sotheby’s Ex-MD, breaks down the psychological aspect of people’s connections with luxury and the emotions which guide them.

He dives into the very essence of luxury and says, “Luxury is as personal and individualistic as human identity in itself. It can be understood as a projection of a person’s conscious and subconscious field of emotions. Luxury is above all emotional.”

Gaurav Bhatia Sotheby’s adds, “Some express luxury in terms of unique design a product might have while others might feel the exclusive nature of an object from the feeling it connotes to stand for luxury. …

Gaurav Bhatia Sotheby’s Ex MD expounds how, “Beyond the hassle of returning stolen objects, mutual respect to cultural legacy, friendship and nation ties are indeed the bests that contemporary culture can achieve from Return and Restitution of stolen art.”

Throughout history and civilizations, the lending of artwork has been an ongoing affair- nations have regularly shown interests in each other’s culture and as well relished the beauty that artworks across boundaries have in their own unique ways of expression, techniques, motives and expertise. …

In a chat with Gaurav Bhatia Sotheby’s Former Managing Director, he decodes how art is reconceptualizing luxury in the modern era. Trends change but the true essence of art is reflected almost in every luxury fashion brand across the world

When Bernard Arnaut assumed controlling interest in Louis Vuitton in 1990, incorporating the brand in his to be created multinational luxury goods conglomerate LVMH, he wanted to refashion the brand as an embodiment of elegance and extravagance.

Safeguarding Louis Vuitton’s heritage by keeping the focus on the art of travel and accessories, he introduced prêt-a-porter fashion and breathed modernity into the brand by making American designer Marc Jacobs its artistic director in 1997. Jacobs, who would then establish strong bonds with the art world through numerous, and sometimes daring, artistic collaborations.

Gaurav Bhatia Sotheby’s

Ex Managing Director Sotheby’s India, Mr Gaurav Bhatia is…

“India’s gastronomic and culinary heritage is real luxury, ”says Gaurav Bhatia, former Managing Director Sotheby’s India, Ex Marketing Director LVMH Moet Hennessy.

He sheds light on the millennial generation making for the most curious customers to explore the world of luxury via global cuisine taking us through some of the most unique, exotic and bizarre meats and plants people eat

Bringing luxury to the table is literally about taste. And when we talk about luxury on a table, luxe lovers have a universe out there to choose from. Rare and distinctive foods become the ultimate luxury. Food connoisseurs agree that they would happily pay a fortune to get a taste of what tops as some of the most exotic, delicious, popular and extravagant dishes around the planet. Based on rarity and demand, sometimes even inimitable creations by top chefs make it to the list of luxury foods that are the most expensive bites to have.

To elucidate on when is…

Gaurav Bhatia: The perfervid journey through Art and Collectibles

Tracing through the days of amateur admiring, Gaurav Bhatia, the Ex-MD of Sotheby’s narrates his odyssey to becoming; building his timeless collection of art

The affair with art is really a story of passion, of true love for the arts and a curious mind: This finds best expression through the earnest, art-world journey of Gaurav Bhatia, the large and immensely elegant owner of Mumbai based luxury and lifestyle advisory cell Maison, India.

Mr Bhatia has drawn fame, regularly being spotted sharing his outlook about the world of art and aesthetics in conferences and discourses in the prestigious India Sotheby’s…

In a conversation with Gaurav Bhatia Managing Director, Maison India, former Managing Director, Sotheby’s India, he sheds some light on the recent growth and latest trends of the online art market. He also highlights the role of the younger and tech-savvy generation in making the online art business a success.

There have been many art galleries in India in the past, but only a handful have been lucky enough to succeed. In 2015, when the market started to show signs of a slowdown, online platforms brought a fresh breath of life into it. …

As no sector, business, or industry was untouched from COVID 19, the world was caught in the turmoil. It was too late for global markets to prepare for the upcoming thrashing, because Covid-19 onset was completely unpredictable.

37% of sales in 2019 were made through auction rooms, but they had to temporarily shut down in March 2020. The opportunity to buy or sell art in person was barely there and art fairs with sales of approximately USD 16.6 billion in 2019 were also canceled.

It was imperative to move everything online. However, the transition from the analog world to…

For the future of these rising luxury trends, “the highest rising brands will be the ones able to build on their existing excellence while also making adequate efforts to rewrite rules, change the normal with extraordinary and recreate a future in sync with their social responsibilities.” remarks former MD Sotheby’s and LVMH, Gaurav Bhatia.

The global luxury goods industry is one of the very few sectors that have been able to excel despite the Corona Virus-induced slump over the global markets.

Surprising as it is, the demands of luxury goods have been of late, exceeding expectations with upsurging percentages of…

Fine art through history has had very integral ties to culture, communities and identity of civilizations. This has invariably accorded works of art the status of timeless tools for folk expression and resources for understanding the heritage of our forefathers.

Gaurav Bhatia Sotheby’s former MD and Ex Marketing Director LVMH Moet Hennessy elucidates how “a distinctive form of cultural value is embedded in historical Art and expression, that far surpasses its aesthetic or philosophical significance while determining their economic worth.”

Most of these paintings do not however, physically age as well with time as they do in terms of economic…

The change in consumption habits from taking to media and socials for recreation to submersion in art, expression and self- reflection is the healthiest trend that the list starts with” says the Maison’s CEO, Gaurav Bhatia

Contemporary Art as an industry has seen all aspects of dealing with art and the market change with the unprecedented pandemic of 2020–21. The shock from the global pandemic shut art galleries and the biggest markets of exchange, sending tremors to the line of business. …

Gaurav Bhatia Maison

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