Gaurav Bhatia Sotheby’s Ex MD, discusses the Trends that are to dominate the world of Art in the coming years

The change in consumption habits from taking to media and socials for recreation to submersion in art, expression and self- reflection is the healthiest trend that the list starts with” says the Maison’s CEO, Gaurav Bhatia

Contemporary Art as an industry has seen all aspects of dealing with art and the market change with the unprecedented pandemic of 2020–21. The shock from the global pandemic shut art galleries and the biggest markets of exchange, sending tremors to the line of business. On the other end, avid art enthusiasts and collectors supported auctions in a big way with some of the highest records being made during the pandemic.

People have since history, been looking at art and expression as ways to heal, plugging out of the mundane of everyday life. Gaurav Bhatia Sotheby’s Ex MD marks how this dichotomy in the pandemic also stood as a time where the demand for art had gone higher, inviting more people to dig into the aesthetics of artworks as healing to the pent-up emotions that the pandemic has steered in people. As far as the Art World is concerned, it has been fairing under the restrictions of Covid 19 with the emergence of some hot trends. Gaurav Bhatia as the CEO of Maison has analysed these new changes as some shape-shifts in contemporary art that are here to stay longer.

The Mumbai-based luxury and lifestyle advisory cell Maison India is a start-up by Gaurav Bhatia, curated from his years long experience in the domain of Art and Luxury with a proposition to boost brands with business development ideas and innovative marketing solutions for clients. Mr. Bhatia has been pioneering his passion for art collection through years and has stood at prominent positions of the ex- Managing Director of esteemed houses like Sotheby’s, and LVMH.

His understanding of the luxury segment along with his love for art backs his position as a seasoned expert in the domain today. Through the present circumstances of the turmoil in world order, he has been extending his optimism for the golden world of art and luxury that is, in his opinion “to not just recover fast from the pandemic losses but is certain to stay relevant and evergreen throughout. “

Analysing the present direction that art has taken to, he responds to these changes as being direct outcomes to make art relevant and accessible to the overwhelming majority of people who have been reconnecting back to their passion and community, learning about art and its contribution to our wellness.

Gaurav Bhatia

Gaurav Bhatia discloses how “the change in consumption habits from taking to media and socials for recreation to submersion in art, expression and self- reflection is the healthiest trend that the list starts with.” In his opinions, the major trends that the era of Covid has witnessed are all futuristic, holistic and are to be duly celebrated once :

  • As more and more art gallery exhibitions had to be postponed, moved and cancelled pertaining to lockdown restrictions, artists and auction houses soon adopted Open Viewing Rooms to exhibit their artworks. Sotheby’s announced an inaugural edition to its “Contemporary Curated: Asia” auction to be held in an online format while other esteemed houses follow; The Hong-Kong live sale is to be another online-running auction scheduled for later this month. Christie’s is also taking to the online mode to run a huge auction this month.
  • We have the “Natively Digital: A Curated NFT Sale” hosted by Sotheby’s to exhibit works of 27 different digital artists, to be held live. As Gaurav Bhatia remarks to this, “Online auctioning and exhibitions are in true honour of the online evolution that the present times have given us. As people from around the world can now be a part of the auctions held far away, this change is a feasible yet beneficial addition to the future of art. ”
  • Being close to nature being one of the greatest healing to unplug from the chaos of crisis — this has found expression in art through the pandemic. As all of us start to miss the bliss in moving freely, connecting to the natural world and being out there in the outside world, masterpieces have been created to determine better gratitude and appreciation to the beauty of nature. Mr. Bhatia elucidates how “this trend also shapes awareness of all that we have lost, so for us to move to conscious efforts to the ecosystem revival from human activities now.” The strong message that these paintings harbour adds to their priceless beauty and depiction.
  • Another wake from the pandemic are the creations honouring social values taken to the streets. The rise of street-art has been higher than ever before now, with artists taking to canvas on walls around their towns, rendering messages of hope, love, encouragement and inspiration that responds to the dispiriting crisis. Catchy slogans, symbolic figurative and big, bold statements of social change are the striking features of these art depictions.

Gaurav Bhatia notes “artists are making special efforts to empathy and community, and so are the people reciprocating, admiring these pieces of art and treasuring the creation. As the Ex MD of Sotheby’s and LVMH further marks, “street art is to be witnessed as the greatest form of human endeavor and expression, collectively owned by community, harbouring the hearts of not one but many-many.”

Other trends include the popularity of forms of art like NFTS, 3D Motion Graphic Designs and the rise of Contemporary African Art. Mr. Bhatia takes to the nature of art consumption by analyzing the popularity in these two styles, noting how “people have been all set to step into the empowered digital age of tomorrow yet have re-learned to appreciate simplicity and heritage amidst the pandemic.”

While the present times have rightly seen art as a way of survival, we hope that the future in post-Covid sees these art trends as much as a way to inspire.